Order Your Yearbook!

If you haven’t already ordered the 2023/24 RFE yearbook, now is the time!  Order forms were sent home this week that contain all the details or you may have received emails from Lifetouch about ordering. 

If you missed the flyer/emails and are still looking to order, you can visit www.ybpay.com and use Yearbook ID code: 2185824. 

ALL ORDERS MUST BE MADE BY APRIL 13, 2024. If you miss this deadline, there is no guarantee there will be any extras for you to purchase at the end of the school year. Photos of students from school events and spirit days sent to rfeyearbook@gmail.com will be accepted for consideration up until 3/20.

Fifth grade families will be receiving some more information next week about sending in photos for our “Through the Years” spread especially for the 5th graders. The deadline for those photo submissions will be Tuesday, April 2nd. Each student will also be asked to answer some questions  – it’s always so fun to read their answers when flipping through the book at the end of the year! Reach out to Jen at RFEyearbook@gmail.com with any questions.  

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