ABC Countdown- Student Council

Dear Families,

With the school year wrapping up, we have decided to finish our year with some school spirit! We will be participating in the RFE ABC Countdown! Each day, we will have activities that represent a letter of the alphabet. Some activities will be spirit days, and some will be school-based. We are excited to celebrate the end of the year with some fun!

Thank you,

Student Council

Spirit Days

Friday, May 3rd
A- Animal Day – Bring your favorite stuffed animal.

Monday, May 6th
B- Book Day – Bring your favorite book to school.

Tuesday, May 7th
C- Craft Day – Make a craft in your classroom.

Wednesday, May 8th
D- Dress to Impress – Wear your best outfit.

Thursday, May 9th
E- Everyday Comfort Day – Wear your favorite outfit.

Friday, May 10th
F- Field Day – Wear your field day t-shirt, RFE shirt, or Red, White, and Black.

Monday, May 13th
G- Game Day – Enjoy some board game fun with your classmates.

Wednesday, May 15th
H- Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat to school.

Thursday, May 16th
I- Inside Out Day – Wear your clothes inside out or backward.

Friday, May 17th
J- Joke Day – Share your favorite jokes with your classmates (you can even submit them to the announcements).

Monday, May 20th
K- Kindness Day – Practice showing acts of kindness throughout the day.

Tuesday, May 21st
L- Letter Day – Write a letter to a friend or teacher.

Wednesday, May 22nd
M- Mismatch Day – Wear mismatched clothes.

Thursday, May 23rd
N- Number Day – Play number games in your class.

Friday, May 24th
O- Outside Day – Go outside with your class for a lesson (weather permitting).

Tuesday, May 28th
P- Poetry Day – Write a poem to a family member about your school day.

Wednesday, May 29th
Q- Quiet Time Day – Enjoy a quiet moment with your classmates.

Thursday, May 30th
R- Rainbow Colors Day – Wear rainbow colors or your favorite color of the rainbow.

Friday, May 31st
S- State Wear – Wear USA or state colors to celebrate the Patriot Program.

Monday, June 3rd
T- Tie-Dye Day – Wear a tie-dye shirt or outfit.

Tuesday, June 4th
U- Uniform Day – Wear your favorite sports jersey or uniform.

Wednesday, June 5th
V- Video Day – Watch a video with your classmates.

Thursday, June 6th
W- Wear RFE Spirit Wear – Wear your RFE Spirit Wear.

Friday, June 7th
X- X-tra Recess Day – Enjoy some extra time outside.

Monday, June 10th
Y- Year End Clean Up Day – Clear out your desk.

Tuesday, June 11th
Z- Zip Up and Go – Last Day of School!

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