Help Make Our Yearbook Unforgettable!

A young child is holding a small toy camera up to their face, pretending to take a photo. The camera lens is centered over the child's right eye, and the top of the child's head and background are softly out of focus, creating a candid and playful atmosphere.

As you capture the vibrant life at our school, we need your help! Your snapshots from school events are treasures that can make our yearbook truly special. Whether it’s a candid classroom moment, a smile while painting an ornament during the holiday craft night, or epic moves at the Snowball Dance, your photos tell the story of our wonderful school community.

Please send your favorite pictures to the Yearbook Committee at Every photo you share helps us to weave together the memories that our children will cherish for years to come. Let’s collaborate to create a yearbook that’s as unique and memorable as our students!

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