All-Time Fundraising Record?!

We have far exceeded our goal this year for the Foxy FUNd Run; thank you to everyone who has contributed your time, effort, and money to this event!

The fundraiser closes this Friday (10-13-23) at 11:59 p.m. If you have been meaning to submit your donation, please do so before the fundraiser closes. All prize and class competition totals will be calculated based on the numbers at the fundraiser’s end.

That being said, with two days left, Mr. Awano has agreed to get pied in the face live on the morning announcements if we hit $30,000 raised.

The person with the pie in their hand will be the student with the highest individual fundraising total.

As of 5 pm today (10-11-23), we have $26,730 raised, an impressive total, but we believe that hitting $30,000 will set an all-time record of funds raised by the Foxy FUNd Run.

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